Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Week's calling the shots?

Some interesting comments from this article in regards to Weeks switching to center field.

Weeks chimes in:

"I would never go out there," Weeks said. "I've talked to (general manager) Doug (Melvin) about it and it's squashed, and that's all that matters."

I don't want you on the team much less in the outfield. Judging by how long it took you to figure out second base (still ongoing) it would take you a decade to judge a liner in the field. I'm glad that you are calling the shots now! Who the fuck do you think you are? You're lucky you're not playing in A ball.
Randolph has some things to say:

"Rickie is a young second baseman who hasn't played the position for a long time," Randolph said. "It's rare to find a guy with that athletic ability and his power play that position. That, to me, is intriguing.

"It'll be nice to see what kind of second baseman he can be."

Where is this athletic ability? I'm so sick of hearing this shit. People with the ability they have been saying Weeks has eventually show it with performance. You can't continue to say he has all these abilities when he continues to suck ass. He's not a young second baseman anymore! He's been in the league for years now and has already shown us what he's got. DICK.

"He was hitting .272 with a .340 on-base percentage with nine home runs and 24 runs batted in when he was injured."
Holy shit! Are you serious? Stop the presses and get ready to board the train to Cooperstown!

I guess I didn't even know what his stats were when he went down. Looking at this he was already starting his inevitable decline back to the Dick Reeks everyone knows. Not impressed.

Time to dump Weeks while some other dumbass team might still be fooled by his "abilities". I'm not saying Lopez is the answer either, but I would take him in a heart beat over the ever hyped never producing Dick Reeks.

Unfortunately, Melvin is still the GM, so it's all but guaranteed that the Rickie Weeks experiment will continue.

If Weeks magically has this breakout season next year that everyone thinks he will, I will buy a Weeks poster, take a picture of me kissing his ass and post on this site. Never gonna happen. (a breakout season is not .272, .340 unless he jacks over 30 HR's)


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