Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bob Uecker's Sausage Tangent

I left the game early yesterday as I couldn't watch anymore, so I listened to the rest of the game on the radio. Ueck went on a 10 minute discussion on how people can cook sausages by sticking them into a car cigarette lighter. At least, I think that's what it was about, sometimes it's hard to tell with him. Of course Provus was laughing it up when he discussed being able to fit 2 sausages into a semi trucks lighter port.

"You know how a cigarette lighter pops out when it's ready? Well, watch out in the back seat when the sausages are done!"

It was not quite as good as when he went on a 10 minute rant a few years back about how good the new fish fry at Miller Park smelled and how bad he wanted one. I think he actually went and got one between innings.


Chorenzo Chorizno said...

Haha that was an awesome tangent. There was some part where he was like, "Corey, you know how you do those safety in construction zone commercials? Well, you might want to refrain from sticking a sausage in a cigarette lighter in a construction zone. That could be dangerous."

Clown said...

hahaha wtf. I didn't really hear how that whole thing got started?

Chorenzo Chorizno said...

I didn't either. I was taking that hot picture of Wine Shoes at the time I think.

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