Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Turning up the suck

This season had such promise from the start and now.. this.  I don't think anyone expected us to keep up the winning pace we set in April, but this is complete garbage.  Here are just some of the things that have pissed me off lately:

Forest Gump says stop running - Stop running, altogether.  This team sucks ass at stealing bases and are even worse at taking extra.  How many times has Gomez been thrown out trying to stretch a double into a triple or Braun thrown out stealing?  The green light shit needs to stop.  It's a big fat RED.   I'm looking at you Ron Runyucky

Gomez - I love him and hate him at the same time.  I like his attitude and the dude plays harder than anyone.  That said; stop swinging for the fences ever fucking time. One of these times his shoes are going to fly off.  I know that's his style of hitting and I'd hate to mess with his swing, but come on.  The free swinging shit has clearly caught up to us.  Teams know we are swinging at everything and they are using it to smoke us.  Take a pitch or two.

Braun - Time for some tough love....  This is so hard for me to say because I've always supported him even through this PED crap. (which now I feel like an idiot for)   You are now a veteran on this team and you take off 2 games to have your kid?  You have off 4 months of the year, but you couldn't plan your pork around that or wrap it up?  Come on dude, this shows a complete lack of caring about the organization and your teammates.  Also, batting .270 and hitting under 20 home runs isn't going to convince people that your whole career wasn't based on roiding. Way to take care of that hurt thumb in the off season too. You didn't want to have the surgery because it may cause numbness?  Give me your millions and you can chop off both my thumbs with a rusty fucking butter knife.

Gallardo - Seriously guy?  You are less consistent than the shits I get from White Castle.  It just seems like he has given up, along with most of this team.  Gallardo has been trending down for a while and I would not pick up his option.  Let him take this shit show on the road.

STOP BUNTING - I hate nothing more than trying to bunt over a runner who is already in scoring position!  Just stop it, stop it now.  That's not small ball, it's stupid dumbass, getting the fundamentals wrong ball.  Even if the pitcher is up, time to put on your big boy pants and swing the damn bat.  You played baseball and batted in little league, high school, possibly college and at least some times in the minor leagues. Some how though you are now incapable of one of the main aspects of the game you are being paid millions to play?

Error, error, error, error - This is the worst defensive team I have ever seen.  That is all.

I'm too angry to write now.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Arctic Tailgate

A baseball pines for spring
Why would you sit for days in the cold waiting for opening day tickets when you could just buy a 9 pack and get it for free? These people say they are die hard Brewers fans, but they won't spend $130 to get a 9 pack of games? Reading some of these stories you hear excuses like "I'm married and have kids, so I can't commit to that many games". Really? But you can commit to 4 days sleeping in a parking lot?  These people are in it for the party and that's it.  Not that I'm opposed to partying... Just own up to it.

There always seems to be a lot of Packers gear as well, which is my favorite thing ever! You're such a huge Brewers fan, yet you can't buy a $5.00 T-shirt, hat, sweater ANYTHING from a discount bin?  I recently saw a Weeks shirt for 2$... Actually, that's still too much.

With all the money you spent on junk food, wood/charcoal, clothing, Summers Eve douches etc., you could have called Ticket King and bought an opening day ticket for the same amount without getting frostbite. My friends and I have started a new tradition. We go to one persons house, crack a beer at 8am and order tickets online as they go on sale at the same fucking time.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Don't boo Braun, you bozos

I've heard a lot people say how they will be booing Braun opening day.  I'm hoping these are just idiots going for the party aspect and not real fans.  Is this really the kind of baseball town we are or have become?  I know everyone is sour (which I put myself in that camp), but what exactly do you plan on achieving by booing a player on a team that you supposedly support?  Braun's already going to take one in the ribs, if not higher, probably the first pitch. Baseball tends to regulate itself.

I really, really, dislike Dick Reeks, but I have never once booed him. (At home throwing shit at my TV doesn't count)  Do you want to win games or act like a giant douche? These same people will be the first ones to leap out of their seats when Braun crushes a HR.

I understand the hatred for Braun, but it's time to win some games!

I'm excited for this season, how about you?