Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Soup Pitched Great (Again)

Makes you wonder what could have been if Bush and Suppan had not gone down? I don't know what happened to Suppan, but he is looking the best that he has in a Brewers uniform. Keeping the ball down and getting ground outs has always been Suppans thing and he did it to near perfection last night. Except for one bad pitch to Derrek Lee that ended up in the right center seats. Whenever we play the Cubs I just assume Lee is going to jack one, as it seems he has hit one per game against us all year.

Some amazing defense on both sides highlighted with a crazy diving catch by Sam Fuld to rob Catalanotto of what would have been the game tying RBI. Counsell had a solid night at short. It seemed like 75% of the plays were to him. Megeeneegeenee and Lopez also showed good range on several plays.

Kendall has been looking like a master of base running lately. Another delayed steal of 2nd turned into a 3rd base trot and almost a run with some errant throws. He must be hitting up his winter stash of beans. I've noticed Bush is fiddling his bat lately just like Kendall. Perhaps he's a hobo in training?

I don't understand sitting Braun. At first I thought it would have to be because of injury. Why the hell else would you sit one of your best players? It seems as though Macha just wanted left handed bats in the lineup. Another indictator that Braun was not injured was that he didn't want to talk about sitting out to reporters. Obviously, he wasn't too happy about it. I really like his candor, but he has been making some piss poor decisions and stupid comments as of late. How did that lineup work out for you Macha? Right...

WLMW means garbage. The game was NOT on you because you decided to play tennis over baseball. I was already pissed off about the shitty picture and audio broadcast quality, but then you preempt Brewers baseball for tennis?! So, let me see if I understand this; your rinky dink piece of shit station gets a Brewers contract and then you decide that it would be a great idea to play tennis instead? Thanks for posting the alternative channels for all the Cable carriers... What about satellite fuckers? It took me 10 minutes to find this stupid MeTV. I'm just waiting for you to preempt baseball for the Munsters or Matlock because that's all you fucking play. Perhaps you should check your demographic because I'm 99.99999% sure that far more of the beer swilling Milwaukeean public would rather watch baseball.

Great, now I'm all pissed off and I have a birthday party to clown in 20 minutes. I'll probably make a balloon animal sword and stab a kid. It's all your fault WMLW. Murderers....


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