Friday, September 25, 2009


When this homestand started I just assumed we were going to lose a majority of the games playing the level of teams coming to town. It doesn't seem to take the sting off. I was really hoping to finish the year strong and have something to build on for next year. It's actually getting difficult to watch even for me. It appears that the new found good pitcher in Suppan was short lived. He's back to completely sucking. Thank God we have him for another year!

The best part of this game was Kendall's flop at 3rd base on his triple. It looked like he couldn't decide whether to slide or not and came in really awkward. His arms flailed around like a rag doll. It almost looked like he passed out reaching the base. I was glad to see he was ok. I heard some other hobo's stole his beans. This would explain his lack of energy.


Anonymous said...

I imagine that flop is what Kendall looks like when someone throws a handful of pennies on the ground as he begs them for spare change.

Did I ever tell you guys about my last Brewer game? My brother and I were in line to get in. Some semi retarded guy behind us starts trying to talk to us about the cup full of pencils that he's donating for Brewers school charity. He then pulls one out of the cup and starts sucking on it and sliding it in his mouth. I told him "not interested" so he turned and starting talking to a young couple behind him. WTF??

-Mr. Del Taco aka The Retard Hater

Clown said...

Sounds like he was sweet on you!

Did he start to like Lil' Kev?

Clown said...

start to RAP that was suppose to be.

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