Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back for the Attack

What a beautiful week to be off work. Nothing but sunshine in the north woods. A perfect week for fish'n, boat'n and drink'n. Not a whole lot on the fish front, but I did have a few good ones hooked. The first night I had what looked to be about a 3-4lb small mouth hooked. It jumped out of the water higher than any fish I've ever seen and shooked the lure right out.

There are always a few good quotes from drunken camping. Here's a few from this trip:

Camp Host - “Oh no, you don’t want to camp there, that’s bear city.”

Clown - “ I don’t want to die listening to Duran Duran.”

Bob Cooper - “I always thought Jethro Tull was a black guy.”

Bob Cooper Sr. - “What’s a Snuggie?”

Bob Cooper Sr. - “Don’t let the stern side wander out.” Clown - “ Stern?” “What the fuck is that?"

Bob Cooper - “It was an accident, I didn’t mean to shit.” “I just flung the turd as far into the woods as I could.”

Bob Cooper Sr. - "I was thinking about putting punji sticks outside my windows"

Clown - (after taking down and rolling up the tent) - "Have you seen my sunglasses?" Bob Cooper - "They are in the pocket in the tent"

Bear in bushes behind tent - "Snort... Snort..."

I do have to report that Bob Cooper did not make it back alive. He was digging in the camp dumpster when a bear saw him and thought he was a banana peel due to his yellowed appearance from alcoholic jaundis.

Brewers updates on the way.


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