Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Feature - Random Searches ending here

It's fun to look through the stat logs and see what people searched on to get here. Well, it was fun until today when I saw this:

22 Sep
10:37:15 AM
corey hart shirtless

Seriously?! When the fuck did I EVER talk about anything like that? I may have talked about him being Dickless, but never shirtless. What's also terrible is they came from which appears to be French Canadian. Actually, that explains a lot...

Another thing I don't understand is when they searched for it this is what they saw:

Casa de Machado -
Posted by Clown at 7:42 AM 0 comments. Labels: Bosio, Corey Hart is still a turd, Random crap .... Corey Hart, Bill Hall, and Prince Fielder last year. -

Why after seeing the discription of him being called a turd would you continue to the site when you are looking for shirtless picks? Perhaps next time you should BING and decide fucker.


Anonymous said...

I searched on Todd Coffey shirtless to find your blog. I'm still looking for his photo.
-Mr. Del Taco aka The Meat Man

P.S. I have 3 lbs of Chopped Ham and 3 lbs of Ham & Cheese Loaf in my refrigerator.

Clown said...

WTF is hame and cheese loaf?

I think Todd Coffey without his shirt would be good in a freak show. Them's some nice titties.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Del Taco aka The King of Ham

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