Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Playing the wrong Card

In a game where it was tit for tat through 7 innings it was only a matter of time before the Cards were going to break out once they got to our bullpen. The decision to walk the best player in baseball to pitch to the hottest player in baseball was probably the wrong one. Although, the Cardinals lineup is pretty good up and down, so you gotta pitch to someone.

Not a bad game for Looper. I'll take holding the Cards to 4 runs from any of our starters any day. They have one hell of an offense. They are good at both hitting bombs and manufactoring runs.

I really hope they have plans for Casey Meeheegeeneegeenee next year. Even if he is blocking Gamel, he needs to be an every day guy. I will take a proven player over a prospect that didn't fair well his first time up any day. The best part about Casey is that the Cubs let him go.

It was a good effort all the way around. Losing by one and making a nice comeback in the 9th was good to see against the best team in the division. Two more games, let's get em.

I thought of a new drinking game for the rest of the series. Anytime they show La Russa, Drink. You know he wants to.


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