Friday, September 18, 2009

Idiotic JSOnline Comments

Thursday Sep 17, 2009 11:18 AM
They must be showcasing Escobar for the inevitable trade.

Yes, after being untouchable until this point they are going to trade him away now that he has proven himself. Who the fuck would play SS after the inevitable trade of Hardy? dumbshit.

Thursday Sep 17, 2009 11:25 AM
Cat can barely handle rightfield, what crazy stuff are you smoking thinking he can play CF, wow.

WTF are you even talking about? I don't recall Catalanotto making a single bad play yet. I'm not saying he is our CF of the future or should even be on the team next year as he was only a stop gap, but don't rip on his perfectly good defense fucker.

The Puff
Thursday Sep 17, 2009 12:42 PM
I agree we should trade McGahee now while his value is high.Imagine if we traded JJ after his all-star year, or Hart last year, or even Hall 2-3 years ago. I like Casey, but he is...1.Slow 2.Right handed 3.Average D at best. These kind of guys are easy to find.The problem is, he's cheap for a few more years and the type of player the Crew likes to keep around. The window is closing on Hardy and Hart to get anything of value because they are getting close to FA.The Brewers don't need everyone to hit 20 hrs! We are extremely lucky to have Braun/Prince. Just put cheap, high obp guys around them that can field...Trade the rest and spend the extra cash on PITCHING

What you're saying is that we should trade away any player that has an allstar season while they still have value? I do believe we've tried that. See the past 25 years.

You say you like Mcgehee and then you proceed to rip him apart. If you're gonna rip on Megeeneeheegeenee at least spell his name right. Let's examine this stupidity one step at a time:

1. A player like him is easy to find: This might be the worst comment I have ever seen. I would very much enjoy punching you in the fucking head.

2. He is slow: He's got a knee injury asshole. How many 3rd baseman in the league are stolen base threats especially while hampered with tendonitis?

3. He's right handed: You're totally correct. Any right handed player isn't worth shit. We should chop off their hands like in Riyadh. Braun is terrible, so were Yount and Molitor. Fuck right handers. All baseball players should be left handed then you could have your perfect lefty world Hitler.

4. Average D at best: Do you even watch the games or are you too busy sucking your moms dick? Mcgehee may not have started out with a golden glove, but he has been playing stellar D the whole second half. He was also shuffled around to various positions before the break which I can only imagine causes some brain farts defensively.

I think my head is smoking.


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