Thursday, July 8, 2010

Brewers, Turning up the suck

I highly doubt we're going to make up 11.5 games by the end of the season. We're now behind the Cubs in the division. Sad, but at this point the season is probably over already. I'll continue to watch every game as I always do and hope for a miracle.

Last nights game was kinda funny if you watched the debacle until the end. Mota came in and had to pitch to Fielder. If you remember it was Mota that hit Fielder last year causing Fielder to go into a rage and charge the Dodgers club house. Mota basically pitched everything way outside and avoided getting anywhere near Prince. Also, Escobar took the field in the 8th playing right field! Nothing was hit to him, but it was kinda funny to watch. I was hoping to see a ball right between him and Gomez to see a foot race.

I like Narveson, but man that guys got issues with consistency. I don't understand how so many Brewers pitchers can look great one game and complete shit the next. I can understand getting lit up once in a while, but this is pathetic. The hitting seems to have the same problems with inconsistency; score 15 runs one game and then 1 the next. I think at this point you need to look at the coaching staff. Yeah, that's probably a cop out, but what else do you do?? These players are just not motivated to put a good product on the field day in and day out. Something has to give. This team is TERRIBLE.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Whatsup Bozo's. For all 3 of you that read this crap, you'll be glad to know or may be disappointed that I'm not dead... Life, work and other garbage that I'm forced to endure on a daily basis have kept me pretty busy this summer.

Enough with my life story, let's get down to it.

Out of all the terrible things this season has brought, it took people ripping on the greatest player to ever live, Craig Counsell, to bring me back to life. Counsell may not be putting up the career numbers he was last year, but he's still one of the best ever at working the count and is a defensive marvel. He had one fucking error people! Yes, it sucked. Yes, I screamed at the TV, but I still love CC. It just so happened that Escobar tanking the two plays the day before brought scrutiny on the position thus thrusting Counsell's throwing error into such a bad light. At least he picked it cleanly, which is the hard part. That brings us to my next subject, Escobar.

At this point, in my humble Clown opinion, Escobar sucks ass. I was all for bringing him up, so I can't say I told you so. I will say that his defense is no where near what I expected. With a team finally seeing good starting pitching, yet having lack luster hitting up and down the lineup, Escobar's recent defensive struggles are a killer. I never expected him to be a hitting phenom, but I did damn well expect above average defense. I don't think 14 errors before the All-Star break counts as "Above Average Defense". I realize he is a rookie, but when you're hitting sub .250, you better be doing something else right. Perhaps Grandpa Macha should sit him down and have a talk over some Soft Batch cookies and milk while smoking a Pall Mall non filter. Wow, flash back...

I think I was the only person that said Lucroy would be at the very least the backup catcher even before spring training started. How ya like me now!? I won't say I'm glad Zahn went down... Wait, yes I will! That guy fucking sucked. Lucroy, who shot to the majors and bypassed Angel Salome, looks damn good so far. I would definitely call him the future for catching in Milwaukee.

I still hate Macha. I've hated him since day one. I don't think anything short of a World Series bid will change my mind on that. I just don't see him motivating this team and I don't believe players respect him. Is he better then Yost? Well, yeah, but seriously? Is that saying much? I'm not looking for "better then Yost". I'm looking for at the very least, a good manager. Unfortunately, all signs point to at least one more season with Macha at the helm as he has been deemed, "not the issue"

Braun is struggling hardcore. He's been in these types of funks before, but man he's swinging at some terrible pitches. I thought he was over the swinging at low outside garbage, but he appears to be back on that shit train to nowhere. If I were a pitcher I would just throw him that crap three times in a row because he almost always swings. I still love RB, more than any straight man should, and I know he'll come out of this in the second half. He's just gotta stop pressing and get back to owning pitchers souls. Hopefully this happens before I win the Kwik Trip lunch with RB, so we can focus our conversation on his awesomeness.