Wednesday, September 16, 2009


That was probably the worst display of pitching I've seen in quite some time. 12 walks and 2 hit batters with bases loaded isn't going to win very many games. It was clearly a bad decision to sit Gallardo for his last start. Gallardo has shown in the past that any time sitting means total rust. Either shut him down for the season or let him fucking pitch. The only person left in the bullpen that was still pitching good was Coffey; now he has totally fallen apart as well. Did you find yourself yelling at the TV "Just throw a fucking strike!"? I know I did. Actually, I might be the only one watching this shit anymore...

Seems like Escobar will make the play of the year and then tank a ball he should have gotten to without a problem. He should have been able to handle the bounce from Prince as well. It was a crappy throw, but how many crappy throws has Prince dug out? Escobar needs to work on his consistency and also his throwing accuracy. A great arm isn't worth shit if you can't hit your target.

Zambrano is a cry baby little bitch. I'm so sick of his bullshit pouting and generally bad attitude. You pitched for shit so why not get angry at everyone else, start a fight with the catcher or destroy a Gatorade machine with a bat. A-HOLE.

Fuckudome's bad route on the Escobar triple was Cameronesque. Except it wasn't a playoff game and he didn't make excuses.

I don't give a shit that Drew Barrymore was at the game. They kept showing her as if she is some big name. The last thing I remember her doing was the Maybelline makeup ad where it looked like someone beat her with a bag of oranges. E.T. was 27 years ago and so was your career.


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