Monday, September 14, 2009

Junk Truck'n - Junk Jeep'n

Saw this awesome Jeep getting on Hwy 16 in Pewaukee. If my Jeep history serves me correctly, I would say this fine automobile was from the war of 1812. It had one bench seat that looked to be stolen from a park and then bolted down. The driver was a portly fellow who was wearing rawhide gloves for some unknown reason. Perhaps it was the only way to wrangle in the awesomeness of this vehicle. Having the spare tire on the side of the truck is a great idea! Why would you not want to ram into shit?

He has collector plates. I know a vehicle has to be of a certain age to qualify for this, but isn't there some kind of limit on age? I was going to follow him to see if his legs popped out the bottom and if he stopped for a giant slab of meat.


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