Friday, September 18, 2009

Isn't it Grand

It really is amazing what consistent playing time can do for some players. Gerut jacked a grand slam in yesterdays win against the just as shitty Cubs. I was really on his ass earlier in the year with several posts, even going as far as comparing him to a pile of trash. Normally I don't just hate players if they are in a slump, but if they have a bad attitude as well. ie. Corey Hart, Bill Hall, and Prince Fielder last year. Gerut sucked, but I never really hated him per say. He always seemed to be a good guy that kept his nose to the grind stone. I'm glad he's turning it around and making the Gwynn trade look much better. Gwynn would never have been a star for the Brewers. His heart was in San Diego and that's where he should play.

I think Bush's pitching can be more attributed to his mindset than anything else. I'm sure the impending birth of his second child weighed heavy. Pro athletes are still human and I'm sure at times it is difficult to seperate work from personal life just like any other job. Either way, he battled through and got his 2nd win in a row after coming back from his arm injury. In the end 4 runs is right in that curve where a team with this much hitting shouldn't have issues overcoming it. We knew from the start that the hitting was going to have to step it up with the starting rotation that we had.

Coffey came in and took care of business again. He's looked much better in his last 2 appearances and says that he found something with his timing and his fixed the glitch. He's really been a work horse this year and I hope for big things next year. If Hoffman doesn't return he would be the obvious choice to close. He's already got his theatrical entrance down with The Ultimate Warrior music and sprinting to the bag.


Clown said...

Well, maybe not "obvious" choice for closer being that he is such a good multi inning guy when needed, but he has the stuff. I think he would be great in a closer role. Bologna tits and all...

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