Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Gone Fishing

Bob Cooper and myself will be gone the rest of the week in the far north catching giant Muskies. With his affinity for trash digging I'm guessing he will probably fight a bear.

I'm going to try and do some posts remotely from my Blackberry if I have service, but I don't know if that will work. There may be a couple posts from Chorenzo Chorizno, but that depends on his bean situation.

I'll be back Monday with a shit-ton of updates. I'm working on a bunch of good stuff. Go Brewers and my Shad Rap.


Anonymous said...

I will be searching for my leprechaun friends pouring green liquor at everyone's favorite casino - O'Shea's!!

- Mr. Del Taco

Lance's Other Nut said...

Is it going to be a trip like Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin???

Anonymous said...

so chorizno's a bum?

Chorenzo Chorizno said...

Um, I prefer Involuntarily Domiciled, asshole.

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