Sunday, September 13, 2009


It was a good series, with good pitching and a lot of hits... Against a team that is 75% minor league guys. With this senario it's always hard to determine if we were that good or the other team is that bad. Either way there is no doubt that it is directly related to the Sweep Manatee...

Megeeneegeenee had one hell of a series (again) and is having an all-star type month. I didn't realize his knee injury was bad enough to require surgery in the offseason, but that was mentioned in the broadcast. BA talked about how his wider stance may be related to the knee problems, but It's kind of obvious that he needs to look at losing some weight. I'm sure the trainers will be addressing this in the offseason. It seems like he is carrying a lot of weight in his core.

Villanueva with another awesome performance. He really does seem to have found something in his last 3 appearances. I believe it is his Fu-Manchu mustache. Maybe I'm wrong on the time frames, but it seems to me that he has owned since growing his far east facial hair.

Fielder tied Cecil Cooper for all time franchise RBI's at 126. (Until Braun hits 158 next year)

4 games at the Cubs now, then 3 games next week at home. What's with the stupid fucking schedule this year? We just played the Cards twice in 2 weeks as well. We couldn't spread that out a bit? Dumb.

Crazy run by Adrian Peterson. I think there were 3 stiff arms? I was really offended by Favre saying that he had never played with a running back that good. What about Travis Jervey? Eat that!


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