Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Playoff System

The Brewers were officially eliminated from playoff contention last night, as if it really matters at this point. What does matter to me is what Macha had to say about it:

"When you get to the day when you’re eliminated, you always look back,” said manager Ken Macha. “But the fact remains we led this division for a long time".

I wasn't made aware of this new 'We led the division for a while' playoff spot. Is that something new this year? It's a shame they didn't have that the past 18 out of 25 years when we led the division at least once every year. Shouldn't we get a world series ring for that?!

You've now NOT led the division for far longer. Congrats! (See previous Melvin post for your finger trophy)


Garcia said...

He would be great in NASCAR...

"Hey, that's okay you ran your car into the wall on the 200th lap without help from another car... at least you led the race for 12 laps and will get points for that!"

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