Tuesday, September 1, 2009


The deadline came and went for post season eligibility. I thought for sure we would deal someone. I was really hoping to unload America's most average baseball player, Mike Cameron. I disagree when everyone says his defense is awesome, so it makes up for his strikeouts. Once in a while he makes a great play like any other outfielder, but I've never been overly impressed. I will also never forget the "bad route" he took to that ball that basically knocked us out of the playoffs last year. It's burned in my memory for all time and I puke a little in my mouth when I think about it. I would like to see Gerut and Bourgeois get more time in the field. I was also hoping they would bring up Cain and see what he could do. At this point we should be testing the waters for next year not letting mediocre players that will be gone next year have most of the playing time.

The series coming up with the Cards in my mind is huge. We may be basically out of the divisional race, but I hate the Cards and that trash bag bum infested shithole of a city. They are a bunch of cry baby bitches that need to be put down. This is about pride and untucking our shirts to piss them off. Let's go in there and show them that we are still a threat and shove the ball right up their Pujols! I am praying for a bench clearing brawl. It's go time.


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