Monday, August 17, 2009

Appendicitis - Fart Attack?

As I was shopping for a car tonight my girlfriend received a call from her brother informing her that her mom had appendicitis and was in the hospital. When she inquired if the appendix would have to be removed her brother responded with "I don't know. She probably needs to fart or something." "That's what I do when my stomach hurts."

Bear in mind this is the same person who dropped massive ass at Thanksgiving dinner and then informed us that "My stomachs been rolling all day and I had to stop the crane to let it go."

Thanks Dr. Mike.


Anonymous said...

33 years old and ass dropping humor still gets me. great post lunch wake up laugh. thanks Clown.

- Nubs

Clown said...

If you met this person, you laugh even more.

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