Friday, August 28, 2009

Grammatical Suicide

I was pulling into Potowatomi a few months back and the person in front of us had the following awesome licence plate cover:

Clearly, this was made in some sweat shop overseas where they do not know the english language very well. If you haven't spotted the error it says your instead of you're. Yet, somehow they managed to get the too correct?! I can't believe a company would mass produce something like this and not notice the error. I also can't believe that this person was stupid enough to buy it, screw it to his car and not notice. Also, Who the fuck are you to tell me that I'm too close? Maybe I'm a quarter mile behind you and just eat a lot of carrots?

After taking the pictures we started walking into the building and noticed the person who owned the car sitting on a bench in the entrance. He looked either suicidal or homicidal, I couldn't tell which one. I think maybe the guy has RLS and his Mirapex made him both suicidal and addicted to gambling.

If you're the one who owns this car, hang in there. Just because you're illiterate doesn't mean you can't be a usefull part of society. (in south milwaukee)


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