Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's time to get ill

Clown and Bob Cooper have felt like ass the past 3 days after being at the game Friday night. The roof and all the panels were closed and after they lit off the fireworks and drove the Harley around the air was terrible. You could still see the smoke from the fireworks into the 6th inning. Something in the air just wasn't right. Bob Cooper went to the doctor and found out he has viral bronchitis. I can only imagine that I have the same.

Obviously, Miller Park did not give me this, but I feel the environment in there Friday night made my lungs susceptible to it. I would recommend that in the future if the roof AND panels are closed and it's that stuffy in there don't light off the fireworks and drive a damn Harley around for 10 mintues. I didn't understand why the panels were closed anyway. It was only drizzling. It's nice to have a roof, but sometimes they get carried away with when to close it up.

Was anyone else at the game and feels like shit?


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