Monday, September 14, 2009

Good sports weekend

It was a good weekend for all Wisconsin teams. The Brewers completed a sweep of the D-Backs, the Packers beat the Bears and Badgers won an exciting double overtime battle.

Cutler and Rodgers both looked rough in the beginning of yesterdays game. Both offensive lines were getting burned and the QB's roughed up. You can tell that the Packers really miss Mark Tauscher. Cutler had probably the worst game of his career with 4 interceptions. Although, it appeared that a lot of that had to do with receivers bad routes and miscommunication. The Bears offense really never got off the ground and looked out of synch the whole game. I think Rodgers is finally silencing critics that say he can't play under pressure and bring the team back late in the 4th. A nice strike and good speed from Jennings took care of that.

It was great to hear the Packer pre-game hours before kickoff preemted the Brewers game. It's like a switch gets flipped in this state. As soon as football is on no other sport matters. I've never lived anywhere else, so I don't know if it's like this other places? I wonder if the Brewers were in the World Series playing on a Sunday night opposite a Packer game would this still be the case?


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed my drive to work this morning listening to Chicago Sports Radio. Full on depression has hit only one game into the NFL season. I'm sure the drive home will be better no that Urlacher is out for the year.

-Mr. Del Taco

Clown said...

Is he out for the year? I hadn't heard. I always thought he looked like a total asshole.

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