Friday, September 11, 2009

NFL Kickoff

This is the first time I have ever heard the Black Eyed Peas music. My God, what a steaming pile of shit. People actually consider that music? It sounded like goats fucking. I've heard trash can lids being banged together be less repetitive. Is that suppose to be rap? Eazy-E would pop a cap in those poser bitches.

It's the same with the Super Bowl half time shows. Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson were a good example of music that doesn't fit in with the NFL. (I also didn't care for the old wrinkled tittie show) Someone needs to have a talk with the NFL and let them know that their demographic isn't 13 year old girls. I don't know of a single person that watches football and would listen to that garbage.

I'm not a big fan of Country, but at least Tim Mcgraw fit in with the show. The fireworks off the buildings were bad ass as well. They need more man music with shit blowing up and less of the pussy girlie crap. It's football not crochet club.


Lance's Other Nut said...

Tim Mcgraw can eat a bag of dicks, the NFL should've had someone like Bob Segar or Stevie Ray Vaughn (when he was alive) or even Mellencamp or the Boss...

The closest they should be allowed to get to country is Hank Williams Jr on a Monday night.

Clown said...

At least I'm not the only one that thinks the music sucks.

Lance's Other Nut said...

The best is when country fans try and claim other people as country artists. Like Johnny Cash...fuck you if you think he sings country music. You only say shit like that to justify your shitty taste in the pop music that is country today.

/has an overabundance of hate this morning

Clown said...

Your hate is always welcomed here.

The shit people consider country today is a joke.

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