Monday, September 21, 2009

Amish - BUSTED

Spotted some Amish folk this weekend. They seemed very out of place, and were walking towards all of the stores on Hwy. 83 in Delfield. I looked around, but did not see a broken down horse and buggy, so I can only assume that they were going to one of the stores. Maybe they were going to the Walgreens to get a perscription for Dysentery? For whatever reason the Amish remind me of Oregon Trail. Do Amish people have real money? They are self reliant, so how would they score cash? Maybe the chick was hooking and he is her Amish pimp? I wonder how much an Amish whore costs? Maybe they would take a trade of some clothes that weren't made from felt and dick hair.

I thought the Amish weren't allowed to use technology, but this guy used the shit out of the walk signal button. BUSTED!

You can't really tell in the picture, but the guy looked to be about 14 and had a full on crazy beard. I wish I had a full beard at that age. I totally would have voted.


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