Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I was extremely offended by the Cardinals forearm bump celebrations. That was way over the top and now someone needs to be thrown at. How disrespectful! I'm old school and you guys are just a bunch of punks!

We may have been better off with Parra going out with a neck strain than with him staying in the game. I'm not saying that I wish for players to get injured, but there is no way Parra would have pitched as well as Villanueva. That was by far his best performance that I have seen this year. He looked to be back in early 2008 form when he was untouchable. He's been off and on since the second half of '08 and never really got back to how he should be pitching.

Weathers continues to be sporatic. I guess I can't really fault him too much for giving up a dinger to Pujols. You really have to either pitch perfect or pitch around with him. Now with Holliday protecting Pujols do you really want to pitch around him? We've gotten burned twice now by being careful to Pujols and having Holliday blast one. I think at this point we should just go right at Pujols and avoid the hot hand in Holliday. He's still mortal even if he believes God is his homie.

I can't get on Hoffman too much as he has still pitched very well this year. With only 3 blown saves now that's still a quality season. I chalk this one up to going through the heart of the order of the hottest team in baseball.

It's good to see that Hardy has picked up right where he left off... Sucking shit. What really pisses me off is that his trade value continues to drop. Pretty soon we won't be able to trade him for an Arch Deluxe.


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