Monday, September 21, 2009


Gallardo pitched well in what will be his final start of the year. I think they should have just shut him down before if they felt his arm was in jeopardy. If the only reason for him to pitch is for a personal record than I totally disagree with that. I understand that these types of records are important to players, but in the end I think it can hurt the team. Prince went almost 30 at bats without an RBI trying to break Coopers record.

Megeeneeheegeenee continues to impress. It will be a travesty when he doesn't win the rookie of the year. He's out of the running because the Brewers are.

I still hate Corey Hart. What's with his haircut? He looks like Alfalfa now. God, I hope we dump his ass in the offseason.

Crowds have really died off. It looked empty yesterday for the Melvin Bobble day. Probably because people blame Mevlin for the collapse. It's a stupid idea to have a GM bobble anyway. I'm sure if it were a player bobble yesterday it would have been a sellout. What kind of crazy egotistical maniac has his own bobble day anyway? They should have had 5000 of them with a special button that played 70's porn music.

5 in a row, I'll take it. The pitching has looked very good. Suppan is looking the best he has as a Brewer. Only one factor has really changed and that's the pitching coach. Bosio needs to be back next year. Ever since I saw Bosio with him throwing a bullpen session he has pitched great. I don't think it's a coincidence.


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