Monday, August 3, 2009

TGJ you are no TG

Tony Gwynn Jr. is now apparently just going by Tony Gwynn. Whenever he was announced at the games this weekend and on the TV he was shown as just TG. I think that's a bit assuming. You're having a "good" season, but by no means a Tony Gwynn like season. Maybe once you reach over 3000 hits and a career average of .338 then you can call yourself TG.

I guess this brings me to my other point. I think TGJ is a much better player than Gerut, but watching him this weekend really reminded of why I never really got all that excited about him. He's still the same old slap hitter with zero power. He hit very well in the series against the Brewers, but who wasn't knocking the cover off the ball against our shitty pitching? I would rather see Lopez at leadoff than TGJ. At least we know he can drive the ball and knock a few out on occasion.

I've gone back and forth on this, but in the end I'm just not all that upset about the trade even though Gerut turned out to be terrible (so far). He obviously wanted to be traded to the Padres anyway and he played for shit in spring especially defensively once he came back from the mysterious shoulder injury. How do you fuck up your shoulder playing catch?

I say good bye TGJ. Good luck in San Diego. Good luck calling yourself Tony Gwynn. Good luck living up to your fathers name and living in his shadow. Good luck when you fall into a terrible slump and you hear the boo's rain down on you in "Tony Gwynn's" town.

Good Luck indeed. Maybe you should just go by Anthony.


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