Friday, August 7, 2009

Hobo Convention: UPDATE

The Hobo Convention is this weekend in Britt, Iowa; however, I may not be going now that my girlfriend had a slight incident with our truck... This brings me to the Casa's next recurring feature - Junk Truckin'.

While this probably looks like the perfect method of transportation to a hobo convention, it no longer has front wheels and unfortunately I don't have time to convert it to run on rails.

The gentleman in this picture is totally into Junk truckin'. His passion for Junk Trucks was beyond anything I have ever witnessed. If you have pictures of 'Junk Trucks' or are into the Junk Truckin' lifestyle then send me some pictures and I'll post them.

Next Up: The first pictures of a top secret kneeling truck prototype! (Seats will be a thing of the past)


Chorenzo Chorizno said...

Wow that looks pretty bad. I can't tell from the picture (since work has given me a hot CRT monitor from circa 1992 that is growing dimmer by the day), but did the gas cap cover stay on?

As a huge junk truckin' fan, I'm glad to read a junk truckin' post finally. I hope we can see some actual junk trucks in action, maybe some video?

Lance's Other Nut said...

Oh wow excellent call on the gas cap...

I think you should incorporate something about noodling into the hobo convention, since there is probably a lot of that going on in Iowa as well.

Clown said...

I have a feeling they are too busy with Ham Farming in Iowa to be noodling.

That is an awesome sport though. Saw that on TV the other night in fact. I don't really understand why it's illegal. If you want a catfish to bite your hand isn't that a personal choice?

Anonymous said...

The velcro holding the gas door shut totally survived this accident. Too bad the rest of it didn't cuz we hauled a lot of shit in that truck.

P.S. if anyone finds a bottle of tartar sauce in the median of I-94 just east of Sun Prarie contact the Clown. It flew out one of the windows that no longer exist as the truck rolled. Fish stick dinner isn't as good without it.
-The Clown's Girlfriend

Chorenzo Chorizno said...

Yes! That velcro was awesome!

That really fucking sucks about the whole accident.

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