Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Saving the bullpen for the offseason

My stupid satellite came back on after about 30 minutes. So, I got to see most of the game.

A great comeback was spoiled by Macha's stupid idea to apparently save the bullpen by leaving Coffey in for 3 innings and over 40 pitches. What exactly are we saving the bullpen for? The playoffs?! Get real. I didn't hear the attendance from last night, but you can clearly tell it's starting to tail off. Keep trying to lose Macha, that's gonna pack the seats.

Thank God Suppan is back so he can do exactly what he's done all year, suck shit. At least Gagne came out and said he didn't earn his money and he felt bad, so he bought a bunch of free seats for fans. That was only after a half season of sucking. At least he came back and pitched well the whole second half of last year. What has Suppan done in 3 years? Blow goats, that's what.

Looked like Lopez reinjured his hammy. He's been nothing short of amazing offensively. His base running and defense has been a little bit lacking at times, but all in all that was a great pickup. I'd like to see a healthy Lopez back next year. Mainly because I know Weeks is going to come back next year and suck.

I knew right away that Braun was going to be out on the Cameron fly ball in the 12th. That was no where near deep enough. I know we're trying to win, but use your heads. We know the Reds have strong arms in the field. I'd also rather not see Braun having a collision at home. It looked like he jammed his leg a bit.

I'm sick of hearing how great the plays that Cameron makes are and how he won a golden glove. Maybe if he wouldn't keep getting bad jumps on balls he wouldn't have to make those kinds of plays? He should be able to make it to the wall on any normal fly. He seems to be breaking the wrong way quite a lot. Also, What about the play right before that where he couldn't pick up a routine hop? America's most average baseball player... Mike Cameron.

McGehee Needs to be our everyday 3rd baseman next year. He's earned it.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that I totally predicted Suppan giving up 4 runs yesterday. Mecca lecca hi, mecca hiney ho


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