Thursday, August 27, 2009

Racist Cubs?

According to Milton Bradley the fans at Wrigley have been taunting him with racial slurs. He also mentions being out for dinner and having people around him speak of him with hatred. I have to say that the Cubs brought this on themselves by thinking he changed somehow. He's always been a douche and he always will be. Although, I don't think Milty understands the difference between racial hatred and hatred because he sucks and is a cancer. If this were true wouldn't they be yelling shit at other black players from other teams?! Maybe they have and I haven't heard about it? Cubs fans are giant douches, but I tend not to believe anything Bradley says.,0,5478912.story

Either way it's great to see the Cubs infighting again. Seems as though whenever they are doing bad there is a fight or some other kind of implosion.


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