Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ugliness, It's no secret

This commercial for Heartsecrets.org is getting on my nerves. Did they do a casting search for the ugliest women possible? I mean, some of these women look like men and others just look like turds. There's even a women who has absolutely no neck. I don't understand why they play this during Brewer games.

If you haven't seen this terrible commercial, you can watch it here:


I especially love the women who says "Are ju list-ening?" Sounds straight out of Cudahy.


Lance's Other Nut said...

Did anyone hear BA and Rock yukking it up about Chuckie Carr last night?

/miss Chuckie Hacks but Clown (and company) are making my daily visits here worth it, keep it up guys

Clown said...

I actually missed it, but my Girlfriend informed me that they had mentioned Chuckie. Something about how that if you know that obscure story you are a die hard Brewer fan?

What if you used to hang out on a blog named after the incident? Oh yeah.

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