Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Junk Truck'n - Kneeling Prototype truck

As promised, here is the amazing kneeling prototype junk truck that will make seats obsolete. Remember this shit is top secret as the patent hasn't come through yet! Shhhh....

Seats? What are you a pussy? Pop a squat or grab a bucket. In the future no one will have seats. You'll use your hands to accelerate and brake. (make sure you get your tetanus shot first) As you can see the entire floor has been welded back together with giant metal plates. This makes it twice as safe! (if you trust someone's home welding job)

Here is a video of this amazing junk truck pulling a minivan out of a ditch.

Junk Truck'n!


Chorenzo Chorizno said...

That is one sweet looking junk truck!

Clown said...

It's even better in person. It's also like a parts store on wheels. There are plenty of random gaskets and other things throughout the cab.

Bob Cooper said...

I'm ridiculously jealous. I plan on ripping the seats out of my boat of a car as soon as possible. Do you think its safe to kneel drunk?

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