Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The wheels on the bus go falling off, falling off, falling off

The Crew has now dropped 2 in a row to what is basically a minor league team. Yet again a team scores 5 runs against our shit ass pitching. When the season started everyone knew we had a very thin pitching staff, but who thought it would be this bad? It's become apparent that all the analysts that picked this team to suck were right.

It's amazing what a couple months can do. At the end of June this team looked like a well oiled machine and now it looks like a wet fart. I wonder how long before people start jumping ship and there are less than 20k for a weekend game? With Hardy down in Nashville there is no one to keep the whores with JJ fuck target back tattoos happy.

Time to re-tool. Unless this team is planning on winning 25 in a row, I'm officially calling this year over.

Very disappointing. Clown is sad.


Don't Panic We Have Leskanic said...

These guys are horrible. Can I get a refund on the remaining games in my ticket package? Seriously, they don't even appear to be trying anymore. That's the worst part.

Clown said...

it's brutal to even watch now. I honestly think Melvin should be fired now. If this slide continues that will probably happen.

garcia said...

At the end of June? ... Sure, they were 2 games above .500 but at the end of May they were 10 games above .500. The slaughter began at the hands of the Twins and has not stopped since

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