Friday, August 21, 2009

Under Pressure... Da na na nana na na

Hall is blaming everything on contract pressure and the fact that the Brewers pointed out his poor play.

"I can still hit righthanders,'' Hall said with a laugh. "I can hit anybody. It's one of those things where, if you say something so long, you might even start believing it yourself. Like I said, it's one of those pressure situations I put on myself. They brought it to my attention. I'd never heard it before."

I'm sure if the coaching staff would have known your skin was made of pudding they would have sent in Bill Cosby to discuss your sub .200 average asshole. Sorry for paying you so much! Our bad. We probably should have just paid you in kodiak tins.

Also, there is a link on that site to checkout Hall's stupid ass tats like the one above. Maybe if you spent more time in the cages and less time getting tattoos of hands coming out of your taint you would be able to hit righties.


Anonymous said...

google Bill Hall 40 yard dash. remember when he wore a sprinters suit for the 40 a few years back. How'd that work out for your Bill

- Nubs

Clown said...

I totally forgot about that. What a tard. I'm sure Braun, Hart and Dick Reeks still beat him.

Anonymous said...

Your mom could still beat him.

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