Monday, August 24, 2009

Winding down

It's a shitty feeling to know that we won't be making the playoffs. It seems to sting a little more being that we made it last year and this year seemed to have so much potential. I still say there is plenty of fun baseball left as this is the time of year where if you're not in the race you try and play spoiler. It's almost like a weight is lifted and I can just watch the games and enjoy the home runs and other stuff and not really worry about the end result. Obviously, I would rather be headed to the playoffs, but I'll still enjoy baseball while it's here. It's always a sad day when the season ends and you know you're in for another shitty WI winter with no baseball. Football is no substitute for baseball. (at least for me)

We can still give the Cardinals something to think about for next year. More than anything I just want us to beat the Cubs. Even if it's by 1 game, we still have one over on those shitbags when they come to Miller Park next year.

There is no bad baseball, I love it all. (Except the Yankees. Fuck them)


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