Sunday, August 30, 2009

Enough is Enough

(Not the shitty 80's band) This comment from Macha in regards to yesterdays game is a bit disturbing and Yost like:

“Not pretty but the guys played hard and hustled,” said manager Ken Macha. “It wasn’t the three-run homers. Occasionally, it’s OK to win a game like that.” (I didn't hear the audio for this, but he's usually not the type to joke around)

Occasionally? What the fuck is that suppose to mean? It wouldn't be ok if we won a shit-ton of games if home runs weren't involved? It appears that Macha has drank the same home run Kool-Aid as Melvin. This shit has gone way to far. This mentallity is yet another reason this team has taken a nose dive this season.

Normally I'm very level headed about calling for people's heads, but this comment has sent me off the deep end. This isn't working. I think it's time to not only retool the team, but the management as well. Macha should not be managing in the National League with this type of attitude. Dump Macha, promote Willie Randolph and send porn stache extraordinaire packing.

If you wanted to be only a home run hitting team then you probably should have stayed in the American League.

Clown is going to get a Melvin bobble head and take a steaming shit on it.


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