Thursday, August 13, 2009

Broken Record

Broken record, Same old song and dance, boy meets base, boy touches base indecently, boy get's stuck on base; however you want to put it. Escobar on 3rd, bottom of the ninth and average joe strikeout comes to bat. After about 3 fastballs right down the middle that he should have hit to Lake Michigan, Cameron popped one up. Game over - 7 1/2 back now.

Escobar is fast as hell. He would have been safe at 2nd even if the throw wasn't off. According to Macha the players have the green light to steal when they feel they can get a good jump. If that's the case I expect to see a lot more running. The entire dynamic of this team will be changed if get some speed going. Back to the basics and manufacturing runs.

Sometimes I feel Macha is too timid. With Escobar at 3rd last night and Cameron at the plate I would have called for the squeeze. They wouldn't have been expecting it. Good teams do shit like that to win games.

Rumor had it that we put a waiver claim on Doug Davis. Sounds like the snakes aren't interested in dumping him. I really think it's just time to ride this out with what we have. Start planning for next year and do some seriously re-tooling in the offseason. Even if we make a run at this what will our starting rotation for the playoffs be? Gallardo, Parra, Looper, Villanueva? Even if you get Suppan and Bush back does that make it better? Gallardo and Parra may be able to get it done, looper has lost it and the rest is a joke.

Day game today. Hopefully we can salvage one. Go-Go gadget Escobar.


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