Sunday, August 9, 2009

Geoff Blum is an asshole

It doesn't matter if we play in Houston or Milwaukee or who is pitching, Geoff Blum kills us every time. At this point I would just walk the prick. He has 7 HR's this year and it seems as though all of them are against the Brewers.

I feel Terrible for Gallardo. Another quality start with zero run support. There was nothing left in the tank after blowing their load yesterday with 12 runs. You can't lose games this close with your ace going. Again a ton of RISP early and nothing to show for it. The hitting dried up after the 2nd inning. Everyone complains about the pitching, but the hitting has let us down just as much. That was a perfect strike on Cameron the strike out queen, but a bit outside on Braun; either way you gotta be swinging in the 9th with 2 on 2 out and 2 strikes.

How many times do we have to see Richie Sexsons mark on the flag pole? Yeah, it was a great shot, get over it. Why would they not go clean that shit off anyway?

Minute Made Park is an asshole too. As I've stated before it's time for some regulations on parks. Why not just get Rambo to put in some traps with punji sticks or moving steps you have to jump onto like Super Mario Bros.? Fuck you and your from concentrate orange juice.

6 games back now. I see a fat chick warming up her pipes. Although, it's Milwaukee so that's fairly common...


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