Monday, August 31, 2009

Soup Pitched Great...

Probably one of his best games with the Crew giving up just 1 run over 6 innings; however, Suppan wouldn't have had such a good start without the defense stepping up again. 4 double plays, 2 of which were difficult turns with Counsell hanging tough and Suppan with a nice cover as well.

The Hobo had a great series with three stolen bases in two days and some clutch RBI. He must have really ate his beans and maybe even some legumes. I know he use to be a stolen base threat, but he kinda runs goofy now after having his foot almost fell off. I don't understand the logic of not stealing bases all year until now. Where were all these steals when we were still in the race?

Sweeping the Pirates brings the homestand to .500. When you're playing a team with 11 players on the DL and another that has sold off all their major talent you should probably do better than that. Now we go into St. Louis and I hope we can carry some momentum from the last 3 games. It would be nice to play spoiler and at least make a run here to get over .500 for the season. Anyway you slice it this season has been a disapointment, but if we don't finish with a winning record than it's like taking 10 steps back.

Rosters expand to the full 40 on Tuesday. It doesn't sound like we'll be bringing to much up right away as the Sounds are in the Pacific Coast League playoff race. When they do my guess would be Burns, Dillard and maybe Mike Jones for pitching. Position players could be Gamel, Iribarren, Patterson, Salome, Lucroy and Cain. Salome has struggled since coming back from an early season injury. I think Lucroy will pass him in prospect status soon. I like that kid a lot. Obviously, Hardy will be brought up, but that's a whole different post.


Anonymous said...

I was at the game yesterday. Suppan was one bad pitch away from his bobble head being launched from the upper deck. No children were forced to cry at this game. That is a good thing.

Mr. Grandpa Details

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