Thursday, August 20, 2009

RIP 2009

No, not that RIP.

Rest In Piece 2009 season. I'm sorry it had to end this way. You were so young and had so much potential. You always made people laugh with your untucking of shirts and player dependent home run celebrations. You may have had some problems, but no one thought it would end this way. We should have seen the warning signs earlier. A mid season intervention could have saved your life. I assure you that you will not be forgotten. Those that live on will carry your torch and try to learn from your mistakes. We will persevere.


It's a sad day when you get chumped by the Pirates. A team that has done everything it can to dismantle it's team. I've seen better high school rosters. How many home runs can you give up to this shitty ass team?

As the implosion continues it makes me wonder what happened and what needs to be done. Everyone questioned the starting pitching, but how did the bullpen get so bad? How do so many pitchers totally lose their money pitch? The starting pitching was bad, but this is baseball and you have a job to do. What about back in the day when a closer would be in there for 3 innings? Just seems like pitchers have become pussified. You would think with all the new innovations in sports medicine, training etc. that pitchers now a days would be stronger.

Casa de Machado Poll: What does everyone think this team needs to do in the offseason to field a quality team next year?

I'll start off.

1. Pitching: Pick up an ace and a solid #2.

2. Trade Hart. He's a fucking douchebag and way to streaky. His defense is hot and cold.

3. Gamel to right. I'm sure he'll be playing fall / winter ball anyway, so he can get ready then.

4. Trade Hardy. Way to streaky and runs like he's wearing depends. Escobar is ready.

5. Good bye Cameron. If you can't find a valid replacement move Weeks to center field.

6. Hoffman, I'm not sure on. It's kinda hard to tell his status when he pitches once a month. I do enjoy hells bells, but is he solid enough if we do make the playoffs?

7. Mgeneeheegennee should be our 3B. As long as his knees are ok next year. He's been a real bright spot and has by far earned the job. R.O.Y

8. Re-sign Counsell. Do it. Do it.

There's obviously a lot more. Pet Benatar says Fire away.


Clown said...

I think Melvin for sure will be gone if this team continues to slide. Macha may be given a second chance being that he didn't create the pitching debacle. I think he has managed the pitching fairly well. Much better than Yost. He's given players rest when possible.

Chorenzo Chorizno said...

It's really a tough call right now to make, but if the season officially ended today, there's nothing I disagree with.

I don't know what the Brewers should do at 2nd - should they resign Lopez (not sure on his contract status)? He's been decent as a leadoff hitter, but had shown lack of defensive skills at times. I guess that could be due to that hamstring problem. I guess I wouldn't mind him being an everyday 2nd baseman and move Weeks to CF. How long is it going to take Weeks to pick up the position though? I can kind of foresee him misjudging flyballs, dropping balls, etc. I guess some of this might be dependent on Lorenzo Cain, who hasn't exactly been lighting things up after coming back from his injury. Time will tell on that, as I think he's playing this fall.

Fixing pitching though is going to be the real issue. Not sure how many quality ace or #2 starters there are out there, but with some money coming off the books next year (Cameron for 1), Attanasio hopefully will be willing to splurge. I guess I'm not sure how the rotation will shape up next year - Gallardo, Parra and Suppan (unfortunately) for sure. Will Bush be brought back as a starter? Probably depends on who they sign in the off season.

I think resigning Hoffman is a good plan, I'm not sure anyone else they have right now is dependable/reliable enough. Although, it's hard to tell when the bullpen is as overworked as they are purported to be right now.

Anonymous said...

"Pick up an ace and a solid #2"

Um, that might cost about $150 million. You really think that's going to happen?

Clown said...

I think the value of pitchers will drop in the offseason due the economy and projected attendance for next year.

I do think it's possible and necessary.

Do I think it's going to happen? Absolutely not.

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