Thursday, August 27, 2009

A less exciting loss

Once again living by the long ball causes us to die. This is the type of loss you suffer when you build a team solely on the home run ball. Inability to get on base and manufactor runs has been killing this team all year. (besides the pitching). The problem with this teams home runs is they are always solo shots or 2 baggers. They never seem to make a substantial difference in the games. You need a good mixture of power and average.

Gerut again with a solid game. I guess he's going to make me eat my words on not having "as much pop as promised" as he belts another one last night. I would imagine that he will get a lot more playing time as Catalanotto seems to be cooling a bit from his torrid August.

Vargas.... I don't think they keep stats of number of times having the bases loaded and getting out of it, but if they did he would probably be #1. That's pretty much all he did his first go around with the Crew. In the beginning of 2007 he would load the bases every damn game, but some how always found a way to get out of the jam. As the season wore on he started to load the bases and get lit up. Either way, he's a guy that can eat innings and at this point that is really what we need. Plus, I really enjoy saying "Vargas" like Kevin in the bizzaro world Seinfeld episode.

Escobar has come as billed with some crazy defense. He seems a bit streaky at the plate, but that is to be expected just coming up. No where near the J.J. Hardy year long streak of suckage. I've actually been impressed with his plate presence and patience. Doesn't seem over matched at all. He's ready to roll.

Looper with a quality start giving up just 2 runs over 6. I've heard people compare Looper to Suppan and I think that is idiotic. Looper has gotten lit up a few times this year, but all in all has had a respectable season. Suppan hasn't had a respectable season in 3 years with the Brewers. How many quality starts over that time has Suppan had? I would guess 5. (maybe)

Probably only a few updates today as I will be at the game this afternoon.


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