Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More Breaking news! HALL DFA'd!!!!!

Hall DFA'd!


I'm trying to get a grasp on everything that's happening today. Attanasio must be in a bad mood.


Anonymous said...

I'm totally kicking myself for not buying that Bill Hall jersey t-shirt last month. $5 was a bargin price for a future collector's item.

Who hit the most important home run in Brewers history - a walk off home run on Mother's Day with his pink bat? BILL HALL

The Dirt Bike Kid

Chorenzo Chorizno said...

If some other GM's do the math like Clown did, Hall will have be on a Major League team in no time!

Clown said...

What team wouldn't want a future hall of fame player with 1245 career home runs? You'd have to be crazy not to pick him up!

If he plays on mothers day next year and hits 3 home runs he will be over the 1500 lifetime mark! All before he even turns 30!

Bill (Clap, Clap) Hall!

Rick James' corpse said...

It's a celebration, bitches!

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