Thursday, August 6, 2009


The Crew took care of business last night beating the Dodgers 4-1. No retaliation or other antics, just baseball. This was the best thing that we could have done to give the finger to the Dodgers. I'm glad we bottled up the anger for one night and played solid ball. As much as I would have loved to see a brawl, that gets you no where. Both Cards and the Cubs lost, so we're 4 back now. Plenty of time if we build off this. I hope we gained some confidence last night. Anytime you can walk out of LA with a series win you should hold your head up high.

Braun is still having issues judging fly balls. I'm not sure what happened there because he was great in the beginning of the year. Someone needs to work with him on his decision making.

Fielder looked pissed the whole game. I'm sure when Russell Martin was at first base he wanted to throw down. I have a feeling Macha told the whole team to keep shit in check because we can't afford suspensions.

Counsell was totally safe. That was bullshit and killed the rally. Open your fucking eyes jackass. How can you miss that when you are standing right there? Oh, but it all happens so fast! Whatever, I could see it from home in full speed that his hand was on the base and Martin missed the tag.

Why is Hernan Iribarren still up? That guy is pure shit. Look at me, I can slap the ball around.... Great, fuck you. I know Hall is slated for the outfield now, but if someone goes down it's only a couple hour flight from Nashville and we have coverage for a night. Bring up another pitcher damnit. Although, I don't even know who we have left. We should just bring up Jeremy Jeffress. At least he would have good weed to mellow everyone out.


Chorenzo Chorizno said...

I thought the pitching really came through for the Crew too. Looper had about as good of an outing as he's going to have. Coffey shutting down pinch hitting Manny was pretty clutch too (and I fell asleep not too long after that, but by the score whoever else pitched did pretty damn good too).

Clown said...

Forgot to mention The pitching. It was indeed great. Our bullpen needs the rest.

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