Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Eddie Money says The Crew is shakin...

What a day. I do feel bad for Castro. He was with the Brewres for 18 years, and he's obviously the scape goat for what has turned into a terrible pitching staff. Castro was not the one to provide the arms, so some of this blame has to be put on Melvin. I do think Bosio will help. I think a pitching coaches job is to give his players confidence and point out mechanical issues. Bosio is a great guy with an understanding of what his duties really are. I think he will bring a whole new feeling to the staff.

I've been waiting for 3 years to see Escobar and time is finally here. The job is his to win or lose. If he hits the ball better than .229 with his defense and speed I think Hardy will be done. I do hope that Hardy rakes in AAA so his value in trade comes back up. I can't see them making this move and not having the future in mind.

I think everyone can figure how I feel about Hall. I actually called this in a post a few days back. I think it's funny that he hit a home run last night and get's dumped today. He would be stupid to not except the assignment to Nashville. If he get's released outright I think his days of playing pro-ball may be over. I have this feeling he's going to end up in Japan. I heard they are crazy for Bobby Brown over there.

Too bad Lorenzo Cain got hurt earlier in the year. I would assume he would be coming up instead of Bourgeois if he had played the whole year. Bourgeois has been solid this year, but I haven't heard anything about his defense. He can't be worse than Hall and his stupid fucking basket catches all the time.

I'm starting to wonder if Macha's job is secure. I don't think anything is out of the realm of possibility at this point. Could be a one pump and dump.

I hope Escobar and Bourgeois get up in time for the game tonight. I'm really excited for tonights game.


Chorenzo Chorizno said...

Press conference with Melvin at 3 PM. Should also be interesting, although I'm sure nothing too newsworthy will come out of it.

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