Monday, August 17, 2009

Miller Park - Packer Traysh

Yes, I meant to say "Traysh" just like the white trash in the area say it. I'm guessing the morons at the BREWER game on Friday night wearing Packer gear talk like this as well. Why do people do this? Wrong sport, wrong stadium, wrong idea. I asked one of the idiots wearing a Chmura jersey in line to use the bathroom "are we at a Packer game?" He responded "Maybe!" No, we're not shitbag. Nor are we hanging out in a hot tub with underage girls at a sweet 16 party.

They all also have the attitude that baseball is some kind of filler sport until football starts. In fact, I think this whole state has that attitude. Just like preempting the Brewers radio broadcast for Packers pre-season football.

The morons that wear Badger red gear on days we're playing the Cardinals or Astro's also piss me off. Are you retarded? Do you not realize you are wearing the same colors as the opposing team? I swear during the last Cardinals series I counted hundreds of people with Badgers shit on! DUH.

This state doesn't deserve a baseball team.


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