Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gerut may not be complete trash after all

A fairly good showing yesterday. Gallardo had a shortened game do to pitch count, but still held the Nats to one run. For once he got some run support and was able to get the win. I cant' remember the last time Gallardo actual got the win? He's gotten fucked all year and still does his job every time out. Really only a couple games that I can remember where he wasn't locating his pitches and got lit up.

Gerut really seems to be coming around. Maybe I was a little harsh on him? I don't know what his future will be with the Brewers, but Melvin and others seem to be pretty high on him. It doesn't seem like he came with as much pop as promised. I figured the fact that Melvin seems to only be into HR ball factored heavily into the Gwynn trade.

It's good to see this team hitting again. Granted, it's a against the Nats pitching, but I'll take it. It's amazing how well this team can hit and in comparison how shitty the pitching is. Makes me a sad Clown.

Let's bring it home and make the Reds our bitch. Arroyo tonight, I hope he brought all his "Supplements". His piss probably glows in the dark.


Lance's Other Nut said...

I hope Arroyo brings his guitar.

I can totally picture him as the douche from Animal House serenading chicks on the stairwell when there's a kick-ass party going on...

"I gave my love a cherry..."

He was probably a frat guy.

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