Friday, August 28, 2009

Swept Away

The Reds came in 10-26 since the break, with 11 players on the disabled list and handed us our ass.

Bush looked good through 4 and then lost it in the 5th when he walked the pitcher. It was all down hill from there. Our bullpen is terrible. I just can't believe how bad they have gotten over the course of the season. When the season started they were one of the best in baseball, now the worst. It's becoming difficult to even write about these games. At this point I think Melvin's job is definitely in jeopardy.

I think Haudricourt sums everything up best as he uses the word discouraging 3 times in one sentence.

The shitty game kinda soured the fact that I had great seats in Friday's home run porch. If you've never sat there I highly recommend it.


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