Monday, August 17, 2009

Really? Bill Hallman update!

There was a very interesting comment posted under my "Oldest Rookie Ever" post. If you missed the original post it went like this:

I was messing around online looking up different stats. I was checking out oldest rookies for some reason. It came up with the following entry:Bill Hallman DOB: 1867 -03-31 Debut: 1988-04-23 Age 121

WTF?! How could I have missed the debut of a 121 year old man in the major leagues?! My first thought was that they got the name wrong and it was actually Jamie Moyer.
Sadly, as it turns out this was an error. Bill Hallman (No relation to Bill Hall Of Fame) made his debut in 1903 at the age of 36.

I then received the following comment:

"Actually that is wrong also. Wrong Bill Hallman. The Bill Hallman born in 1867 was my Grandfather and he died in 1920 when my father was 11. He was in baseball long before he was 36. You can see more about him in Wikipedia or at this link"

The link he posted is interesting as well. It has a PDF of Bill Hallman's actual baseball contract from 1891! He made a whopping $2800.00 per year. How times have changed...

Sounds legit to me. Maybe he just did a search on Bill Hallman and my site came up? I would assume it's the Harry Hallman guy at the root of the link who commented. I'll send him an email and see if I can get some more info.

Real baseball players ancestors on the Casa! Awesome!


Harry hallman said...

YEs it was that Harry Hallman guy- me. What I sent you is true and accurate. Just do a little reserach and you will see 2 Bill Hallmans played ball. My grandfather played for the Phillies, as you saw by the contract, and a couple of other teams.

I found your blog when I was looking for links and information about Bill Hallman in the theater and silent movies. My father told me after baseball and off season he did some comedy and acting. Funny I did the same thing tonight and your blog was the first on the list.

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