Friday, August 14, 2009

Jack was here

A nice display of power yesterday as the bats came alive. Fielder with 2, Rivera with 2 and Braun with 1. After the game Macha made a comment that made it sound like Rivera would be playing today as well. I would have to say that he has earned the playing time. Fair is fair with the winds of change, so if Kendall is not performing then he's probably not going to play nearly as much. Obviously, there is some type of issue with Kendalls bean situation. If they are going to give Rivera more playing time I would rather not see it with Gallardo pitching.

It's kinda hard to comment on Escobar when you're listening to the game. It sounded like he made all the routine plays. There may have been one that Fielder had to dig out. He got his first hit and scored a run, so that's probably more than Hardy would have done.

Gerut seems to be coming around a bit, but he still sucks ass. I think it will take a lot for me to be on that band wagon. Perhaps we should have traded Gwynn for a bag of bats instead.

I think I counted 5 fuck-ups for Uecker yesterday. He's totally losing it.


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