Monday, August 31, 2009

Hardy har har

I'm not sure that I agree with the way the Brewers are dealing with the JJ. Situation. Hardy was having a terrible year and definitely needed to be sent down to get his swing back, but is it really fair for him to lose an entire year of service? I don't believe for a second that Melvin didn't know about that situation when he sent Hardy down. I'm sure the fact that the Brewers would control him for an additional year was in their minds from the beginning. They knew his value on the market would be greatly increased by selling a two year player vs. a one year stop gap. They also knew Escobar was probably ready to step in.

I will say that Hardy has not made a strong case to be brought back up batting in the low .260's; however, I just figured they would bring him back up at least a day early as a courtesy. He has been a good teamate and a solid defensive short stop since day one, so I feel he deserves to keep this year of service.

The Brewers normally do not treat players this way. Word gets around about this type of thing and causes players to think twice about signing. It can also really have an affect on player morale. You can already tell that other players are not happy about the whole thing.

I know this is a business and sometimes things go down that aren't in the best interest of both parties. It just seems like they took the wrong route in dealing with the Hardy / Escobar situation. I guess in the end it's better to have too many players for a position than not enough.


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