Friday, August 28, 2009

Bosio is no Bozo

I got into the game early yesterday and was sitting directly above the bullpen. Suppan and Parra were both in there doing what appeared to be bullpen sessions. Bosio seemed very involved in their workouts going as far as drawing stuff in the dirt. Although, it kinda looked like he was drawing a pizza, which would make sense looking at him. Which, by the way, his gut is even more impressive in person! Anyway... After the bullpen session he went out with Bush to get him loose. He was talking to him making suggestions and adjusting his pitches accordingly. He even stood there pretending to be swinging a bat. I never saw Castro do this type of stuff. Castro seemed to just stand there and not be involved at all.

I don't know if a pitching coach really makes that much of a difference, but if anyone will I think Bosio will be the guy. You could tell he has a very good rapport with the players. I like his approach and I hope the Brewers sign him on for next year.

Maybe I just like him because my dad used to call him Bozo Bosio and Bozo is a clown...


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